Q21 Glacier Water Q21 Glacier Water

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is energy
derived from the heat of the earth. Iceland is
blessed with many natural, hot springs which
we use to produce energy, minimising our carbon footprint. It's clean and sustainable.

Icelandic glacier water is the most sustainable source of natural pure water in the developed world. Q21 harvests directly from the glacier a renewable source flowing directly into the sea.

As a business, Q21 endeavours to be as sustainable as possible. Our guiding principle is that our products are untreated, with nothing added, nothing taken away, as pure as nature intended.


Did you know...

"Approximately 1 trillion litres
of water flow into the Atlanic
from Iceland each year."

What makes our water so


A gravity fed pipeline to harvest water directly from Eyja

Geothermal and hydro power fed supply of electricity for testing and pumping water into tanks and operations throughout Iceland.

Food quality multi-skinned flexitanks are lighter to transport than bottles or other containers and our flexitanks are reusable.

Shipping by container on vessels scheduled for mixed cargo directly from Q21’s site on Vestman Islands avoiding costly road transport to other ports.

For larger customers shipping to specific requirements to ensure transport costs minimised.

Business operations designed to be customer-focused and efficient, using technology for everyday activities such as communications and finance on a global basis.

Partnering with experts to provide Q21 with specialist services to ensure leading capability to achieve great service for our customers e.g. logistics, marketing and finance.

Q21 is a sustainable business in Iceland supported by government and local authorities in Vestman Islands.



Learn more about the culture, the lifestyle, and why
Icelandic water is the best in the world.