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The world’s number one source of pure,
sustainable drinking water. From glacier
to glass, without leaving the country.

Iceland is a Nordic country positioned
midway between two of the world’s largest markets
– Europe and North America. It is sparsely-populated
with less than 350,000 people and is famous for its hot
springs, geysers, active volcanos and glaciers. Lava fields
are a huge feature of the landscape and cover much of
the land. It has become a major tourist destination for
its natural environment and phenomena such as the
Northern Lights, its food and culture and welcoming people.
Visitors exceeded 1million in 2015 and contribute almost 5% of GDP.

Did you know...

"Approximately 1 trillion litres
of water flow into the Atlantic
from Iceland each year."

Why Iceland?

There’s more to it then just beautiful sites, good food and
great people. It’s also one of the most sustainable and
ecologically friendly countries in the world. Learn more...


The iconic Eyjaallajökull glacier -
positioned in the South of the island -
holds a secret, it is one of the world’s rare
natural resources of accessible, clear, pure
water. It sits high above the land and from
this prehistoric source, ribbons of glacier
water flow towards the sea, naturally
filtered over time through volcanic lava
rock. From this flawless water source,
combined with the most natural filtration
process, emerges the cleanest purest
water available to mankind. Q21 offers
direct delivery of glacier water worldwide,
ensuring it maintains it’s “nothing added,
nothing taken away” quality.