Apr 6, 2020

Q21 Glacier Water. The story so far.

It all started with a trip to Iceland in early 2015, and flying in to Reykjavik, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the raw beauty and freshness of the landscape unfolding beneath us.

Then, while exploring the country, we quickly discovered that one of Iceland's hidden secrets is its water, and how its people benefit from drinking some of the purest, most natural waters in the world.

And so the idea of making the unique qualities of Iceland's water available worldwide was born.
Today, Q21 Glacier Water is brought to you from the famous Eyjafjallajokull glacier in the south of Iceland via our source at Mio-Mork and state-of-the-art facility in Vestmannaeyjar. 
The facility is almost entirely powered by local renewable energy sources and only UV treatment and filtration are required to harvest the water. 

We harvest less than 1% of the water that flows naturally from the glacier. The remainder is left to flow into the ocean untouched.
Since 2017, we have developed a robust bulk water business providing Flexitanks of up to 24,000 litres of water to customers across the world in the food and beverage sectors. 
Our water has low Total Dissolved Solids of ~ 50 ppm (roughly, 25% of many other waters) and is naturally alkaline with a pH of ~ 8.20.
Customers choose Q21 Glacier Water for its taste, purity and the natural alkalinity that does not interfere in any way with the production of their end products.
More recently, we have started to bottle and sell Q21 Avalis Glacier Water to the UK hospitality industry. This has allowed us to bring the water direct to consumers through restaurants as part of a fine dining experience
Customers have commented how clean, crisp and light the water tastes and how it beautifully cleanses the palate and complements any meal.
As part of our mission to provide the best water in the world, Q21 Avalis Glacier Water will be available in still and sparking, and we look forward to the next exciting chapter of our story as we bring it more widely to the UK market this year.

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