The water you drink is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Our water has unique qualities that make it the perfect choice. 

Low Total Dissolved Solids

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are a measure of the minerals and other matter dissolved in the water you drink. Many mineral, spring and bottled waters have TDS in excess of 200 mg/litre. In contrast, our water has TDS of around 50 mg/litre or 50 parts per million, roughly 25% that of many other waters. Lower TDS means that our water has a light composition and is crisp and refreshing.

Naturally Alkaline

The demand for alkaline water has soared recently, and many health benefits are now claimed for drinking water with an alkaline bias and a higher pH value. Unlike many rival waters, which are only alkaline as a result of having been treated and subjected to chemical processes, our water is pure and unprocessed and is naturally alkaline with recent tests reporting a pH of ~ 8.2.

The Taste of Purity

Q21 Avalis Glacier Water travels untouched from glacier to glass, guaranteeing its simple purity. Served chilled, we think there is no better way to quench your thirst than with its clean, unspoilt, and invigorating taste. Crisp and light, it can also be used to add a little luxury to your drinks at home such as coffee or tea, and it is the perfect base for your favourite cooking projects.

The Perfect Ingredient

At Q21 we are perfectionists. Our mission is to provide the best water in the world and our water is also being used as the perfect ingredient to enhance flavour, hydration, and complexion for other reasons / uses / products.


Q21 Benefits


Stay Hydrated!

Did you know that over half your body mass is water? As are almost two thirds of your brain, heart and lungs? Drinking water is vital to our wellbeing, and it's recommended that we each drink 6-8 glasses or cups of fluid a day.


Water is #1

Not all drinks are equal. Unlike water, soft drinks and drinks such as hot chocolate are often high in sugar and contain stimulants such as caffeine. Water is completely natural, containing no sugar and no calories.